Thursday, August 25, 2016

1:01 PM

 Professional Fashion

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. I recently got a new job (yay!) so I decided that I needed to splurge a little bit on some new clothes that would work well in a work setting. While I'm not quite done looking for more professional clothing, I thought I'd share what I've collected so far.

The main place that I've been shopping is New York & Company. They always have more mature pieces that are better suited for the workplace. 

The first item that I purchased was a pair of tan ballet flats. They're already a little bit disheveled because I've worn them quite a bit since purchasing them, haha. However, I think that they will go with a lot of the clothes that I already own, and will be comfortable enough to work in.

Next is a white, sleeveless blouse with black polka-dots. I really liked the silver zipper detailing, and the faux pockets add a bit of dimension.

This sweater-shirt is probably one of my favorite purchases. The material is so soft, and I love the charcoal color. I also think that the buttoned sleeves are a really nice touch.

Finally, I found this dress and thought it would be good for the fall weather because of the ribbed material. I couldn't fit the entire piece in frame, but it hits just above my calves. I also think that this would look really cute with a cropped sweater or bolero sweater.

That's all that I have so far, but I will post more updates if I find any other pieces that I like. :)

What kind of attire do you wear to work? Let me know in the comments!

Have a beautiful day,

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